The smell of an oily rag is helpful in most architectural scenarios, to wipe the spilt paint, to pick up excess polyurethane and to wipe down a water colour painting at conceptual level……

When two architects decide to build their own dwelling and have a spare to put in the boot for a rainy day, then such a rag is really helpful.

Simple planning enables a vibrancy of living in what would be best described as suburban mediocrity. Cladding of Ullos with aluminum joinery is intended not to hassle the Bungalow in the front.

Spaces for compression and expansion, dark and light, inside and outside, and most importantly vibrancy and sensuality.

Lots of in built furniture, enables the use of internal colour to be as free as the habitants within.

There is a reason why Architects should never be allowed to project manage.


NZIA Canterbury Architecture Awards 2019 - Housing- Multi Unit